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Prepare Yourself

Finding the right job can be stressful, therefore it is vital that you prepare yourself mentally. The following tips will help ease some of that stress on your job hunt.

Don't wait about

The majority of Employer's don't take kindly to employment gaps that can't be explained, therefore it is in your best interests not to dilly-dally but to start your job search immediately.

Only apply for relevant positions

Thoroughly read and check job descriptions before applying. Make sure you meet essential criteria such as Academic Qualifications, Industry Experience etc. Applying for positions that you aren't suited or qualified for may lead to you being overlooked by Employers and Recruiters who may think you are a time waster.

Check your CV

Be sure to read over your CV numerous times to check that it makes sense. Always ensure spellings and punctuation are correct. Also make sure dates are in the correct order for Employment and Academia, a common problem in CV's are overlapping dates, this can confuse an Employer and lead to your CV being rejected. Finally, ask someone who you trust to read over the CV to ensure it reads well.

Always attend Interviews

The more you attend the better you get. Most jobs are offered if the Interviewer likes the Interviewee regardless of skills and qualifications. Therefore every interview you attend helps build your confidence, improve your technique and most importantly increases your chances of securing a job.


If you fail to prepare then you must prepare to fail. Researching companies has never been easier. Create a summary of what you think your potential Employer is about, what they are looking for and how you can be a good for them. If the Interview has been arranged by a Recruiter, always ask how past candidates have got on and where they may have gone wrong. Read over the summary numerous times the night before your interview and directly before your interview.

Positive Mental Attitude

Finding the right job takes a lot of time and effort, you will have to get used to having your CV rejected, failing at interviews and losing out to other candidates. Therefore you must try and stay positive throughout the whole process.

What Candidates Say

I'd also like to take the chance to thank you for all your help during my time with Ambitek. I have always been paid on time and any worries I had were sorted out incredibly quickly either by yourself or your colleagues. Thank you for making my time as a contractor as painless as possible. I would certainly have no qualms about being employed by your agency again sometime in the future. Although obviously not any time soon!!!!

I contacted Ambitek last year about employment. They quickly responded and helped me get a job! I now have a full time job thanks to Ambitek and their staff. They have always paid me on time and have always been there to help me if I needed any advice! Now me and my family are doing great all thanks to Ambitek.

"Hi, hope your all set for Xmas just wanted to say thanks to you and all the staff at Ambitek. You have all been ace this year sorting out my wages and holiday pay and the rest, it's been a real pleasure working for you this year and can't thank you enough for getting me the job in the first place it really pulled me out of it when I was down and to say I appreciate it is an understatement

Hi, thank you for having me work for Ambitek, it’s been a pleasure

Hi, just wanted to say thank you for all your help placing me, as today I signed a permanent contract. The agency have been fantastic and in the future I wouldn't hesitate in contacting you if I need a job or recommending you to others. Once again, thank you and I would like to wish you all the best for the future. (One happy customer!)

Hi, don't know if they informed you but I got a full time contract this week, thanks to you and your team for everything mate I'd be nowhere without Ambitek.

Wish everyone looked after us like you.

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